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With over 60 years of combined experience in energy efficiency technical and policy research, our staff craft innovative solutions to clients’ most pressing challenges. We specialize not just in defining what makes a particular solution energy efficient, but in conducting the laboratory testing and developing the standardized test procedures that objectively distinguish one product’s performance from another.


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With a strong blend of creativity, analytics and concise communication our team has been leading the way to find new opportunities to promote energy efficiency. Visit our resource library to learn more about the issues we investigate, our research capabilities and the background for current work we are doing.

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The Big Picture: Ultra High-Definition Televisions Could Add $1 Billion to Viewers’ Annual Electric Bills

With an estimated 300 million installed televisions in the United States — almost one per person — it is clear that Americans love their televisions

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Commercial Demand Response — Basics and Beyond

Demand response programs serve a necessary role in the electrical system. When generation and transmission (G&T) resources are near their limits, the choice is often to import expensive power or run costly peaking plants.

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Challenges and Choices in the Era of Cheap, Abundant Renewables

Chris Calwell presented this high level overview of recent advances in the scale of renewable energy projects and decline in their cost at an April 2018 community meeting in Durango

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Zero Net Energy For Commercial Buildings

David Houghton PE Talks about commercial Zero Net Energy (ZNE) concepts and applications in commercial and educational buildings in March 2018.

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