Teaching & Academics for Chris Calwell

Lecturer at Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS)

Chris Calwell has served as adjunct faculty at Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in Monterey, CA since 2016, teaching two different graduate courses in the environmental field.  His first course addressed climate change and recommended international policy solutions.  His subsequent course, International Renewable Energy Policy, serves to ground Masters students in the relevant science of various renewable generation and storage technologies.  It then explores the relative success achieved to date by different countries throughout the world in accelerating their deployment through public policies and incentive programs.

Fulbright Award in Residential Energy Storage

In addition to conducting research and presenting on recent market developments in energy storage for PG&E, NRDC, and ICF Consulting (on behalf of EPA ENERGY STAR), Ecos Research had the opportunity to engage on this topic internationally in early 2019.  Chris Calwell received a Fulbright Specialist award from the US State Department to conduct the following research with partner organization CSIRO in Australia:

  • Conducted market research into available federal and state incentives in Australia for residential energy storage and any relevant performance specifications battery systems must meet in order to qualify for them.
  • Reviewed available residential solar and battery sizing and payback calculators to better understand which aspects of battery performance materially impact the financial attractiveness of competing systems.
  • Investigated other performance testing efforts and product reviews currently underway in Australia to understand which aspects of battery performance are already well understood, and which aspects are not currently being tested or considered when specifying and installing competing products.
  • Developed a prioritized short list of battery systems to test among those already on-hand at CSIRO.
  • Developed a prioritized list of tests to conduct on those battery systems, focusing initially on what testing can be conducted quickly with present CSIRO facilities and capabilities, but also including recommendations on longer term testing needs that may require associated capital expenditures in a future budget cycle.
  • Worked with CSIRO staff to conduct initial tests on a subset of those battery systems.
  • Developed a Powerpoint presentation summarizing key findings from testing to date, and illustrating how the different measured test results for battery systems would impact the payback times for competing products.